Sales Coaching Software and Educational Resources

If you’re considering a sales coaching program for your team, you have many different options to choose from. There are sales coaching software and educational resources available on the market. These can help you develop and implement a sales coaching program that meets your company’s specific needs. In addition to software, there are also sales coaching educational resources that you can use on an individual basis.

Showpad Coach

Showpad Coach is a sales coaching software that transforms sellers into trusted advisers and helps sales managers scale their teams. It provides a fun, engaging, and interactive experience that helps sellers meet their sales quotas. It also tracks the performance of team members and provides rich analytics. In addition, the software has a new and improved user interface that makes it easy to follow a training program.

It has more than 1,200 customers and a proven track record of delivering results. The company also offers a frictionless user experience, which facilitates rapid adoption. Its platform is also GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified, allowing users to have a more consistent and efficient workflow.

Showpad Coach is an intuitive, scalable sales coaching software that integrates educational resources with powerful coaching tools. It helps sales coaches manage coaching activities, analyze performance, and identify coaching needs. Moreover, Showpad has tools that enable coaches to create videos and tailor support to individual reps. The program also offers a powerful conversation intelligence program called ExecVision.

Showpad’s Coach sales coaching software integrates Showpad’s award-winning content solutions with a unified user experience. The software is designed to help sellers become trusted advisors, enhancing their chances of winning. Furthermore, it helps sellers meet the needs of today’s buyers. In a single application, Showpad Coach enables companies to implement a comprehensive sales training program for their sales teams.

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If you’re interested in selling a product on the internet, you’ve probably heard about Skillshare. It’s a platform that allows you to create online classes and share them with the world. The software features a range of training options, from basic lessons to premium courses. You can also create premium classes at no cost, and earn royalties for each view.

The downside to Skillshare is that you have little control over the development of your online courses. While you can design your own website and offer a free course, you can’t start earning money until you’ve attracted 25 students. Typically, you’ll earn $1 to $2 per student.

The software offers customizable resources for salespeople to use, allowing them to stay on top of trends and new tools. This means that you can update your sales training courses with the latest skills and information. With a free trial, you can try it out today. It’s a great way to expand your expertise without breaking the bank.

Skillshare sales coaching software offers a variety of tools to improve your sales performance. The courses cover topics essential to selling, including negotiation and customer service. In addition, the courses also cover the psychology of buying. You’ll learn how to make your products more appealing to customers. By improving your sales skills, you’ll become a trusted resource for your customers.

Skillshare also offers an extensive collection of educational videos from industry experts. These videos range in length from a few minutes to several hours. Topics covered can range from basic marketing to advanced sales training. Videos are recorded from a variety of perspectives and can teach you a lot about the industry.


ExecVision is a cloud-based conversation intelligence platform that helps organizations train sales representatives and track their performance. It records calls, transcribes them, and provides key metrics. Using artificial intelligence, the system lets sales managers and coaches track individual reps’ performance and measure their development over time. The software’s analytics enable managers to take action based on their insights.

ExecVision also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. With these apps, you can listen to conversations, search for relevant information, and annotate conversations. This means that you can use ExecVision when you’re between conference sessions, on your commute, or even when you’re grocery shopping.

ExecVision’s software also allows managers to post call feedback and provide coaching programs. This platform helps managers track individual sales performance and helps them build custom scorecards. The software also lets managers add notes to recorded sales conversations. Additionally, it can be used to create customized coaching programs for individual salespeople.

Another great feature of ExecVision is its ability to analyze conversations in real-time. Its artificial intelligence analyzes conversations and surfaces specific insights based on the data that the software collects. This makes it easy for managers to analyze performance and develop skills more effectively. The software also helps managers identify and resolve issues in real time.

ExecVision conversation intelligence technology features one of the most advanced acoustic models in the industry. It detects silence and ringing noises in telephone conversations. It also recognizes voice tone to make diarization and transcription easier. The software also features an intuitive inbox where conversations can be organized. It also allows you to view Smart Alerts and easily locate conversations.

Second Nature

Sales coaching software like Second Nature helps sales reps improve their conversations with their customers. With its conversational AI and immersive sales simulations, Second Nature helps users improve their performance and confidence in a real-world context. The software can even be used to influence entire teams, so sales managers can monitor and improve sales performance at scale.

The software uses conversational ai to give salespeople a virtual pitch partner, which they can use to improve their sales calls. Additionally, the software can give salespeople different schedules based on their filters. In addition, Second Nature is a christian company and provides services such as irrigation and tree/shrub care.

The software is powered by NLP and advanced AI to make salespeople more efficient. The software provides virtual practice partners who hold voice discussions with salespeople and score their performances. It also gives managers insight into their team’s skills and provides coaching feedback to salespeople. It can also help sales teams become more efficient and streamline more deals.

The sales coaching software can also integrate with learning management systems, so it can be used in existing environments. It can set up courses with videos, sales enablement materials, and tasks for reps. It also features leaderboard functionality that lets managers compare the performance of each rep with others. It even allows users to award certifications based on simulation performance.

The software is customizable, allowing managers to customize the training plan to meet the needs of their sales reps. It also allows managers to provide feedback and transcribe meetings. Furthermore, it prompts sales representatives to follow the training plan.


Brainshark sales coaching software is an effective way to improve the performance of your sales reps. The software helps them diagnose their skill gaps and develop individualized training programs. It also provides sales scorecards and other tools to motivate them and measure their performance. It also has built-in reporting capabilities that help you understand how effective your training is.

The sales coaching software also measures your team’s readiness to engage with buyers. It allows you to customize reports that show your sales reps’ readiness to have conversations. Using AI-backed feedback, it allows you to track sales performance and assess how training materials are used. Using this system will help you boost your sales reps’ productivity and close more deals.

The sales coaching software is available for both web-based training and mobile apps. Whether your reps are on the road or in the office, Brainshark allows you to create custom video content that meets their specific needs. You can also customize the content for different devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Brainshark’s native mobile apps make it convenient to use for offline training. All materials are accessible online and offline, so reps can access them whenever they need to. This gives them the convenience to refresh training content even when they are away from their office. Additionally, the software lets them review their learning at any time, no matter where they are.

Brainshark’s learning management capabilities are especially helpful for sales training. The software can transform static documents and screen recordings into videos. It also lets you add interactivity and dynamically update content. It also provides easy sharing and collaboration. You can use Brainshark to create just-in-time learning videos for your sales reps.